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Electronic Vessel Control

Our Easy Boating concept is far more than a wish for easy, safe and enjoyable boating. It's a dedicated strategy for making your boating the carefree activity it should be. But most of all, it comprises an increasing number of useful, hands-on products and functions that put you in charge the easy way. Take the opportunity to customize your boat with the options of your choice - when you order a new boat or when you wish to upgrade your present boat. Talk to your Volvo Penta dealer for advice!

Joystick driving A smart, new solution for intuitive driving – push and rotate the joystick for precise steering at all speeds.

Autopilot EVC-integrated, locks automatically to steering-wheel course changes (shadow drive).

Joystick docking The essence of easy boating: fingertip handling with perfect precision makes docking and close-quarter maneuvering simple, even fun.

Cruise Control With fingertip control of your engine rpm, you can fine-tune your boat’s speed for best possible fuel economy and comfort.

Dynamic Positioning System Lets you hold and keep your boat’s position and heading within a very limited area. Perfect when you’re preparing for docking or waiting for refueling.

Low speed mode Reduces boat speed when idling by 50% from 5–6 knots to 2–3 knots. Integrated into the control. Perfect when you’re driving in marinas and canals.

Powertrim assistant Gives you best possible drive trim – fully automatically – for perfect running attitude. Results in optimum performance and low fuel consumption.

Single lever mode Operate twin, triple or quad engines with only one lever. Gives you easy control over speed, even in rough seas.

Sportfish mode Makes it possible for you to rapidly turn your boat around its own axis – and follow the fish at high speed in reverse, using only the engine controls.

Tow mode for water sport Limits your boat’s speed to your preset maximum rpm. Maintains the set speed and compensates for any changes in load, for maximum water sport fun.

Trip computer Get trip computer functionality with information about fuel consumption, distance to empty, trip time and much more.

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